TDC serves as a resource to promote emerging and cutting-edge technology and sustainability trends.

TDC is committed to staying on the global front, monitoring, and actively participating in national and global discussions that impact the direction of TEC Future. TDC users are able to contribute, stay informed and benefit through this effort.

TDC accomplishes this in two ways:

  • Industry Trends and Updates: TDC monitors emerging trends in TEC Technology issues. Trends that create new and cutting-edge practices, opportunities, and advancement impact on educational curriculum and are the central focus of this effort. TDC Business User Network is regularly informed through website updates as well as publications that can be shared at public events and functions.
  • Sustainability and Transportation: TDC monitors emerging and innovative trends in the transportation and construction industry as they impact sustainability issues on a national and global level. Issues on infrastructure, advanced transportation management, integration and interoperability, digital mapping and ITS, green city and automated city, traffic solutions, … these and much more are issues on the TDC radar.

TDC believes that its vision and mission, as well as the efforts and contributions of its users contribute immensely to helping formulate policy and direction for future generations in the TEC Industries. This, in turn, guides curriculum, advancing education, career access and opportunity.

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