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TDC Training and Development programs prepare:

  • Individuals for career opportunities
  • Non profits & academia to leverage transportation industry opportunities
  • Businesses to connect staff to the tools required to enhance performance

TDC Transportation, Education & Construction (TEC) Hubs

TDC partners with schools and organizations to offer informative live and virtual, annual and semi-annual training summits and workshops on industry trends and innovations.

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Work Readiness and Life Skills Training

…is an amalgamated approach to the management of human resources and workforce development. Attrition and high demand staffing are workforce factors for which the TDC Recruitment Program serves as a solution for employees and an opportunity for individuals to be at the forefront of employment opportunities.

TDC Recruitment Program Workshops

TDC augments the efforts of employee recruitment by providing incumbent employees training and support, enhancing

  • Employee competencies and retention… for employers and
  • Work readiness and workforce integration… for individuals.
Workshop Topics

Team Collaboration

A training methodology where group members or teams share their knowledge and expertise, teaching and learning from one another at the same time.


Exploration and demonstration of how to achieve results in communications with others by developing and using the skills necessary to establish consistency in communications standards.

Stress Management

Tools provided to build resilience, well-being, and a positive outlook by managing the response to feelings that produce stress, overwhelm, and cause burnout.

Financial Health, Money / Credit Smarts

Provided with the engagement of a Financial Institution, an introduction and an opportunity to acquire an effective understanding of various financial skills including personal fiscal management, budgeting, and saving.


A program designed to teach new leadership methods and improve existing governance skills in managing a team, including decisive communication, motivation styles, and guidance.


The identification of and methods for dealing with ethical problems, supporting the development of moral instincts implicit in daily choices and behaviors.


TDC partners with educational entities to provide training and development educational workshops and we manage affiliated learning centers.

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