TDC advocates industry and nation-wide for the TDC Business User Network.

TDC works to ensure that the providers of all industry resources are recognized and supported, helping to bridge the gaps between needs and opportunities for the TEC Industries at large.

TDC efforts in this regard include:

Agency Liaison Services: TDC cultivates dynamic relationships with agencies and institutions across the nation and creates an environment that enhances vibrant business exchange. TDC staff strive to participate in department, agency, and institution events, and ensure that TDC Business Users are partners in the formulation and execution of transportation and construction projects.

Political Liaison Services: TDC’s success is enhanced by our capacity for political engagement. We apply a tactical approach in engaging the vital players in the formulation of government policy. TDC seeks out and engages senate and congressional members of committees that deliberate on transportation, construction and education issues and ensure that the field is level to allow participation without hindrance.

Workforce Liaison Services: TDC promotes industry wide advancement through the engagement and development of all who seek employment opportunity, and career access and growth in the TEC Industries. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion fosters higher degrees of commitment, productivity, and innovation that contribute to increased success for individuals, businesses, and industry.

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