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Partner with TDC

All TDC users sign up as individual users. Every individual user has a personal interest in engaging the Transportation, Education and Construction (TEC) Industries. Some seek opportunity or resources, other provide opportunity or resources. As people first, TDC recognizes that we all switch between categories based on our objectives and circumstances. This makes the TEC Community a viable resource and support for the TEC Industries. TDC is the place where opportunity and resource seekers and providers meet. The efforts of TDC enables our users to confidently wear both hats.

TDC invites individual users who represent businesses to partner with us on behalf of their business in support of the TEC Industries. Becoming a partner is easy. There are 3 types of partners and 2 levels of partnership. All partners become members of our Business User Network which is comprised of our Academia User Network, Enterprise User Network, and Community Based Organization (CBO) User Network.

Types of Partners

Academia User Network – Work Readiness

Age, ability and acumen are determining factors in work readiness. The TDC Academia User Network supports the aspirations of youth, entry level professional and executives of the TEC Community.

Enterprise User Network – TEC Business

Experience provides exposure, shapes our paradigm, paves our career path and guides the trajectory of our endeavors. The TDC Enterprise User Network supports the development, expansion, and advancement of the leadership and businesses of the TEC Community.


Primary effort is provision of skill, knowledge, space, or transport


Primary effort is the activity of product retail and sales


Primary effort is the activity of fabrication and assembly

CBO User Network – Work Retention

Work is part of life, maintaining employment requires specialized support in navigating personal situations. The TDC CBO User Network supports the life-work integration required for success in the TEC Community.

Social Support

• Child Care
• Homelessness
• Training
• Transportation
• ADA Support
• Veterans Programs

Civic Support

• Domestic Violence
• Re-entry
• Recovery

Financial Support

• Unemployment
• Social Services

Partnership Levels

As an individual user, access to TDC Initiatives and Support Programs are readily available. Simply sign up, create a username, password and profile to unlock the gateway to myriad resources and opportunities. As a Partner, push the gate open further and access tools and solutions for operational, organizational, economic, and expansion interests and more via exclusive TDC offerings.

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