Recruitment, Training & Development, and Retention are key components in workforce stabilization. WIN Trades combines them into one multi-faceted tool to stabilize your workforce and drive your company to success.

WIN Trades Recruitment process yields a continuous pipeline of candidates. The use of multi-sector partnerships to recruit employees and the engagement of a projected talent pool strengthens an employer’s bond with the community, bolsters branding, and enhances employer recognition. It attracts qualified candidates who want to work for you!

New hires provided WIN Trades Training & Development in Work Readiness & Life Skills are introduced to situational workplace dynamics, preparing them with decision making tools and coping skills to handle the nuances of the workplace and productivity demands. Peer Partnership between new and incumbent employees produces accelerated new hire workplace integration via the support of their incumbent peers as 3rd party ambassadors. New employees receive structured hands-on supplemental training, sharing of institutional knowledge, and experiential insight.  The additional layer of support provided by peer-partnerships enhances employer monitoring of new hire performance, departmental productivity, and the implementation of employer initiatives.

WIN Trades achieves Retention via life-work integration through Team Pipeline, TDC’s coalition of community-based organizations, and workplace integration through TDC training and an employer peer partnership strategy, forming an approach which serves as a unique workforce stabilization instrument for employees and employers. These tools provide employees the resources to navigate challenges, and employers the insight to develop policy, protocol, and strategy in response to identified challenges.

Recruitment provides a pipeline of qualified employees. Training & Development promotes the professionalism and adaptability required in complex manufacturing, production, and construction environments. Employer culture is reinforced, and communication between employer and employee is enhanced, achieving Retention resulting in workforce stabilization.

Win is the workforce pipeline to the future!

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