Recruitment Program

The TDC Recruitment Program Is an agile method of attracting and developing candidates for hire.

It is a resource for companies to find qualified applicants in real-time and is a resource for individuals in pursuit of career access, supporting their advanced positioning for employment opportunities as they become available.

Attracting the right talent to the right positions is one of the top challenges today’s businesses face. Hiring is on the rise and competition for skilled employees is steeper than ever. In response to these dynamics, companies are under myriad pressures to effectively manage their talent, build a pipeline of qualified personnel, and enhance retention. Skilled individuals are under pressure to develop their competencies, broaden their experience and readily identify career opportunities.

TDC’s Recruitment Program is an amalgamated approach to the management of human resources and workforce development. It’s more than just the exchange of resumes between a candidate and an employee to fill an immediate position. Attrition and high demand staffing are workforce factors for which the TDC Recruitment Program serves as a solution.

Businesses post high demand positions

Individuals create profiles demonstrating their interest and aptitude

A list of qualified, interested applicants accrues creating a candidate pool tailored to specific positions and is sourced from by businesses as blocks of positions become available. Both parties are able to plan in advance with the confidence of being prepared for new opportunity, whether it be due to business expansion, large projects, attrition or for tough-to-fill positions.

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