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Housing Stability

Home contributes to stable employment

A stable home contributes to stable employment. We know having a job will contribute to being able to afford a home, but unforeseen circumstances can threaten the ability to keep your home. TDC developed and implemented solutions to support employee retention.

The Situation:

Loss of income due to coronavirus

Employee A lost income when he could not work due to coronavirus and fell 2 months behind in rent during his recuperation:

During that period, a family member passed away and he inherited a house, that with a little TLC could be rendered livable and become his home.

The Solution:

Advocacy and intervention

A TDC representative and an employer representative reviewed the employee’s situations:

  • He was facing eviction
  • He inherited a house

The strategy identified and agreed to was a Housing Grant:

  • His rent was paid up, biding him time, and keeping his credit intact
  • He was provided a materials stipend to perform necessary repairs, rendering him a stable home

The Result:

Secure living conditions

Employee A has fully recuperated, returned to work, and maintains his employment. He has since made the repairs necessary for safe habitation, and moved out of the rental unit into his own home.


Life-Work Integration Stipends

In this case, two conditions were identified, but they were complementary. The repair of the house provided home security. Paying the rent provided time, under safe conditions, to complete the work and protected his credit which made it available to afford the expense of moving into the house. A home is an essential need and supports employee availability and commitment, bolstering employee retention. This recommendation was made to the company.

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