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Candidates for employment may have the skills to perform their assigned tasks, however, offers of employment may be impacted by circumstances outside of work. We have two recruits who we developed and implemented solutions to support employment access.

The Situation:

Declined an offer of employment

Recruit A declined an offer of employment due to childcare. The offer was for 1st shift. Their spouse worked during the day and although they had a college degree in their field of interest, because of coronavirus, they had no resource for day care. The hiring company then offered them employment for 2nd shift. Recruit A still felt they had to decline the offer because the position had a 5-week requisite training period that was only provided during 1st shift.

Denied an offer of employment

Recruit B was denied an offer of employment because they could not provide proof of resolution of a civic liability.

The Solution:

Child Care Grant

Recruit A was able to identify a family member who they felt comfortable with, who was willing to watch their children for the 5-week period. With a written commitment from the family member to fulfill the provision of childcare for the duration of training and an acceptance from the recruit of the job offer, TDC awarded the recruit a grant to cover the childcare expenses.

Civic Advocacy

A TDC representative researched and identified the judicial entity that could provide proof of resolution and assisted Recruit B in contacting them, completing the process, and obtaining proof.

The Result:

Acceptance of Employment Offer

Recruit A completed the training. Two months later, the recruit, who had originally declined the offer of full time, permanent employment, got promoted, and is currently still employed.

Offer of Employment

Recruit B received and accepted an offer of employment. Five months later Recruit B is still working for the employer and is eligible for lateral and promotional opportunities.


Recruit needs-assessment

Qualification assessment is recognized in recruitment. The recommended solution to enhancing access to employment is incorporating recruit needs-assessment into the recruitment process. This would be done by canvassing candidate applicants for social markers that would indicate need and offering guidance and support if need is identified. The TDC recruitment process has been revised, this strategy has been implemented, and candidate profiles now indicate work-readiness and availability.

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