TDC’s Bronx Design and Constructi​on Academy featured on Transit/Tr​ansit News

We are pleased to announce that Transit/Transit News is featuring Smalls Electric and TDC's Bronx Design and Construction Academy the entire month of March.
Congratulations Smalls Electric,TDC and BxDCA – your hard work and dedication is changing the lives for our youth of tomorrow and certainly appreciated. Please see below for the air time schedule.

WNYE Ch. 25 9:00 am every Saturday
2:30 pm every Sunday

Queens Public Television
Time Warner
Time Warner Ch. 56
Ch. 35
10:00 am every Tuesday
5:30 pm every Tuesday

Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Time Warner
Ch. 56, 34 & 57 & 67 & RCN 82, 83, 84 & 85 7:30 pm last Wednesday

Staten Island Community Television Ch. 34 8:00 pm every other Monday

Brooklyn (BCAT) Cablevision Ch. 69/84
Time Warner Ch. 56/44
10:30 am & 6:30 pm every Tuesday

Bronxnet Cablevision Ch. 67 11:00 am every Saturday
5:30 am, 11:00am, & 4:30 pm every Sunday
7:00 pm every Monday
5:30 pm every Wednesday

Brookhaven (TCI) Ch.20 3:30 pm every Monday

(PATC) Great Neck and
N. Shore
Cablevision 20 7:00 pm every Saturday
9:30 pm every Sunday

Cablevision Woodbury Ch. 18 7:00 pm every Tuesday

Cablevision of Westchester Ch. 71 10:00 pm every Thursday

Cablevision Peekskill/Ossining Cablevision 15 4:00 pm every Tuesday

Cablevision Port Chester/Harrison Cablevision 18 4:00 pm every Tuesday

Cablevision New Rochelle Ch. 76 4:00 pm every Tuesday

Cablevision Wappingers Falls Ch. 21 4:30 pm every Tuesday

Cablevision So. Westchester Ch. 76

4:00 pm every Thursday

Cablevision Yonkers Ch. 18 4:00 pm every Tuesday

Cablevision Yorktown Ch. 74 4:00 pm every Tuesday


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