SEATTLE, WA Hosts APTA’s TRANSform Conference 2022

APTA has once again demonstrated its leadership in the transportation industry with its just concluded TRANSform Conference held in Seattle, Washington, October 9 – 12, 2022.  APTA projects this conference as the flagship event for public transportation professionals to engage in workshops, experience technical tours, and network with colleagues.

The TRANSform conference provided unique opportunities to explore industry critical and cutting-edge topics, including transformative technology, mental health awareness, community building, innovative funding, finance safety and security, worldwide mega projects and workforce development. TDC recognizes the critical nature and relevance of all these issues for the transportation industry, and most especially the current post-pandemic challenges of workforce development and transit workforce solutions, as well as the advancement of Transit’s commitment to Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, which are at the core of TDC’s vision and mission.

TDC further commends several companies that provided sponsorship for the conference, thus indicating their support and recognition of the high relevance of the issues covered by the TRANSform conference.  TDC specifically calls out HNTB, SIEMENS, AECOM, JACOBS, First Transit, Q’STRAINT, STANTEC and the Seattle Department of Transportation, among several others, for stepping up to support this conference.

The unique relevance of APTA’s TRANSform conference is highlighted by the national coverage of speakers and panelists, representing corporate and agency leadership, including Federal Transit Administration (FTA), King County METRO, LA METRO, Jacksonville Transportation Authority, Chicago Transit Authority, Insight Strategies, Inc., AECOM,  AMTRAK, Hillsborough Transit Authority, MARTA, Federal Railroad Administration, METRO Regional Transit Authority, U.S. House of Representatives and several others.

TDC calls on all across the country, who recognize the special and unique relevance of our transportation system, to assiduously follow and support APTA’s programs and leadership as they navigate and tackle the challenges that confront the viability of our transportation system and infrastructure. We look forward to vibrant discussions and viable solutions to the vital issues raised at this conference.

Dwayne C. Sampson,


Transportation Diversity Council (TDC)

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