Ribbon Cutting at Eastchester Depot

On Thursday, August 13 — TWU Local 100 Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips cut a ceremonial ribbon with MTA President of Buses Darryl Irick to commemorate the opening of the new Bus Wash at Eastchester Depot. On hand as well were TWU MOW VP Tony Utano, MTA Chief of Facilities George Meduina, Eugene Hucks, Director of Career Services, Bronx Design and Construction Academy/ Assistant Vice President for Youth and Mentoring Services, Transportation Diversity Council and 7 BDCA student Interns working for MTA Bus Company during the summer of 2015.  In his remarks, Brother Phillips spoke of his early days working as Bus Maintainer at the nearby Gun Hill Depot, and about the cold winters where workers had to wash down and services buses outside. With the facility upgrade, this will now be done inside, with large doors keeping the facility dry and huge fans ensuring good ventilation. MTA facilities chief George Meduina noted that Eastchester now has the ability to contain any spills which might have caused environmental pollution in the past, and to remediate fuel spills on site. Rank and file fuelers and mechanics were treated to a breakfast by New York City Transit at the event. Mr. Philips also gave special recognition to Bronx Design and Construction Academy students "Noting their were the future, this is management working with the union"  

The student intern program that allowed for BDCA students to work with MTA Bus Company was implement by TDC with the support of TWU local 100 Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips, MTA President of Buses Darryl Irick and MTA Chief of Facilities George Meduina. Due to scheduling conflicts, Dwayne Sampson, President and CEO, TDC was unable to attend but added these remarks" Having students working in a real life transportation environment helps to better our future workforce". 

Ribbon Cutting at Eastchester Depot

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