Community event celebrates student work from Bronx Design and Construction Academy

Neighbors came together for an annual communitywide event that celebrates the hard work of students from the Bronx Design and Construction Academy. 

While most high school students spend their time learning about grammar, history and geometry, these students are also taking classes in trade skills like plumbing and construction.

The CTE Fair is celebrating these students for the second year. CTE stands for Career and Technical Education – meaning students learn trade skills while also taking traditional high school courses.  

Each year, students work on various projects that put their skills to the test, from constructing a full-size model home inside a classroom to building their own multicamera security system.  

The students share their hard work with their families, the school’s alumni and the local community at the CTE fair.  

Click here to learn more about how to enroll your child in the Bronx Design and Construction Academy. 

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