Access To Today’s Event

Registered Attendee Access

Event Registration is a two-step process

After registration closes, registered event attendees are automatically emailed a link to our webinars the morning of the event. To register simply:

  1. Log In Or Sign Up
  2. Go to our TDC Calendar Page to choose the event you want to attend and register for the desired event on the selected event’s page

Why Weren’t You Emailed a Link?

Emails are automatically sent, but you have to be on the registered attendees list. You wouldn’t receive an auto email if you:

  • Logged in or signed up, but didn’t go to the event’s page and register
  • Didn’t log in or sign up, but you subscribed to our TDC WorkForce email list
  • Didn’t register in time

Get Access to Today’s Event Now

No worries, even though registration for today’s event is now closed, you can still get access. It will still be two steps to get your link to today’s 16th Annual TDC-MIT Transportation and Infrastructure Summit and to download the program:

  1. Log In or Sign up, then
  2. Email

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