TDC Membership

Who Are The Members of TDC?

TDC members share the desire to impact and participate in “Transporting the Next Generation.”  Membership falls into two general categories – organizational and individual:


  • Businesses and professional associations from the worlds of transportation, engineering and construction
  • Public and private organizations that provide transportation services
  • Educational institutions from primary school through trade schools and college


  • Professionals in the fields of transportation, engineering, and construction
  • Educators
  • Students

How we do what we do?… Member Participation

TDC’s S.T.E.A.M. and E.N.G.I.N.E. initiatives are fueled by its members. Member participation stimulates organizational growth, retention and commitment, and facilitates a teaching/learning environment. Members identify and join those activities that resonate with them, enabling them to pursue their personal interests and constructively exhibit, develop, and share their passion, all while giving back, bringing to fruition TDC’s goals in “Transporting the Next Generation”.

Types of participation:

  1. Time – organize, support or participate in programs; mentor students, young professionals or companies; support national or local chapter organizations to implement other initiatives of interest
  2. Skills – provide guidance on areas of special expertise for educational and development programs
  3. Resources – donate or subsidize resources, such as special tools, supplies, or equipment to support the initiatives that interest you

Why join us?… Passion and commitment

Membership in the Transportation Diversity Council gives you the opportunity to provide value to the community in which you live, work and play.  Membership privileges are shared by a diverse group of people from all ethnic and professional levels with a common goal: we are all passionately committed, professionally and personally, to the development and advancement of a high-quality workforce within the transportation, education and construction industries to “Transport the Next Generation”.

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