Network – Business to Business

TDC fosters community based programs and activities that respond to the opportunities and challenges ahead with best practices and community building strategies.  This model is an innovative collaboration of employers, educators and industry leaders representing diverse populations, and utilizing local partnership networks to meet the industry growth demands with opportunities for diverse populations.

The Network focus is twofold:

• Small Business Fairs

TDC fosters and holds periodic business fairs. These sessions take the form of workshops and seminars that engage HUBS and M/W/D/SBE enterprises in addressing and overcoming issues that hinder their full participation in industry projects. Topical issues may cover certifications, insurance/bonding, leveraging partnerships, leveraging banking and financial resources. These fairs may feature informational and guidance sessions from industry representatives, government agencies, finance and insurance experts.

• Networking Sessions

TDC fosters and holds frequent networking events. These mostly half-day events serve to bring small, medium and large businesses together for lively business interactions. The sessions allow them learn from each other, and create opportunities for partnerships and joint pursuit of projects, utilizing their diverse strengths and specialties.
TDC maintains data on these events, and TDC members can access such information when searching for other members with common business interests for joint collaboration on projects.
To obtain more information on planned events, or how to become a member, please contact TDC at: