Message from the Advisory Board Chair

Dear Colleagues,

Transportation infrastructure in the United States is in critical need of major renewal and expansion.  To maintain, upgrade and expand our roads, bridges, airports, ports, rail and transit systems, we need a large and talented workforce of planners, engineers, architects, technicians and construction workers.  TDC’s vision is that these challenges will be met by a diverse cadre of talented individuals and companies. With the support of our dedicated and enthusiastic membership, TDC is attracting and developing the diverse workforce that will undertake the challenging work of rebuilding  America’s infrastructure.  TDC has programs that address all levels of need, from school children and college students to construction workers and technical professionals to companies and agencies.  By providing world class programs that attract, enlighten and advance a diverse workforce, TDC will “transport the next generation” to meet the tremendous challenges ahead.
Those of us in the transportation and construction industry know what a privilege it is to have the opportunity to design, build and operate facilities and systems that serve the public good.  We were fortunate to be guided in our own careers to work that is rewarding and fulfilling.  The leaders and members of TDC find that it is equally rewarding to help others, and we welcome your participation.  In addition to the learning that comes from teaching, you will have a chance to network with engineers, contractors, owners, educators and students.   The benefits will grow with your level of participation.  Please join us – attend our programs, involve your colleagues, become a mentor, organize a seminar, start a chapter in your community.
We look forward to working with you!
Cosema (Connie) E. Crawford, P.E.
Chair,  Advisory Board
Transportation Diversity Council