Thalia Goldsboro-Panton

Vice President, Mentoring and Youth Services

Thalia Panton is a public transportation executive with over 20 years experience in the areas of facility operations, including customer service, revenue reconciliation & collection, environmental aesthetics and Human Resources.  She worked in Washington D.C. under the Carter Administration in the Office of Public Affairs and in New York at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority - NYC Transit as an Assistant Chief Station Officer, retiring as Assistant Vice President for Organizational Development.

She continues to stay connected in the transportation industry as she works to provide mentoring, training & development and work-based learning exposure within the industry for our youth-- ”the next generation of transit leaders”.  

A graduate of Hunter College (Political Science & Communication), she is also a certified Para Legal, and is married with two sons where she reigns as “musicmom” supporting their New Kingston business.  She lives in Brooklyn NY and is active in her Canarsie community.