Marcella Michel’e Sills

Vice President of Education
As the new Vice President of Education, Marcella is enthusiastically passionate and honored to support the mission and pipeline of Transportation Diversity Council (TDC), and the integration of curriculum development and academic trade. Marcella’s impeccable leadership and meritorious credentials will be employed to support the vision of TDC’s legacy. As TDC rigorously moves forward into the 21st century, Marcella will utilize her skills and qualifications to expand TDC’s model, by globally developing Charter Schools nationwide and internationally. Marcella is a visionary leader, bridge builder, financial supervisor and instructional educator with over 17 years of experience, transforming school culture, supervising staff, partnering with teams, securing resources and implementing effective programs. Particularly adept at streamlining, budgetary planning of multimillion-dollar fiscal budgets and grants, to ensure the alignment of resources, corporate operations, human resources, instructional programs, public relations, reorganizing and leading large teams of educators and scholars, while supporting staff and scholars productively, writing yearly proposals for school wide programs, in addition to cultivating and retaining talented leaders, educators and clinicians. During Marcella’s 17 years as an educator and instructional leader, she was also appointed as, an accomplished, experienced and successful agile tenured Executive School Principal and Chief Executive Academic\Financial Officer, for 11 years, with The New York City Department of Education. Marcella’s skillful qualifications and experience also consist of exemplary instructional leadership, supervising the infrastructure of school buildings, recruiting strong teams, hiring, managing, supervising, while continuously analyzing and utilizing critical data to systemically transform academic achievement, and school wide corporate initiatives. Marcella’s ascendancy also enabled her to change the cultural content of instructional practices systemically. By collecting, analyzing, evaluating, and utilizing data, Marcella designed and developed a curriculum of interdisciplinary/cross-curricular expeditionary learning and teaching principles. 
In addition, Marcella offers a unique blend of acumen executive and instructional leadership. Her discernment and skillful globalization of instructional integration and interdisciplinary instruction, strategically transformed an underperforming school in less than one-year, by successfully utilizing judicious resources, which increased her school’s performance and scholar’s achievement 90.9%. The recognition of Marcella’s exemplary leadership and the successful advancement of her scholar’s achievements, led to her receiving a nomination of distinction, to participant in The Cahn Fellows Program for Distinguished Principals. Moreover, by effectively collaborating and working with teacher teams of educators, Marcella changed the shift of obsolete instructional teaching practices, by providing teacher teams with differentiated professional development, which increased scholars’ achievement and improved teaching practices. The high impact area of focus was the theories of heutagogy, andragogy, and pedagogy. Heutagogy, is the study that supports self-determined learning, which challenges traditional teaching methods and practices. Marcella believes that when you model effectively for teachers they become andragogy learners and extraordinary instructional leaders. The theory of andragogical is the methods and concepts that teaches adults how to learn. Marcella also believes that, learning the theory of andragogical principles, greatly enhances teaching practices. Hence, “Learning how to learn, teaches instructional leaders how to effectively teach their scholars.” “Lifelong learners are successful leaders.” Marcella also centered her professional development around pedagogy. Pedagogy is the methods of theoretical concepts and teaching practices. Marcella has thorough knowledge of the principles, practices, and methods of organizational leadership and researched-based curricular and instructional interdisciplinary and integration practices. Marcella’s leadership vision also supports the systematic analysis of both qualitative and quantitative research, and the advancement of educational change and curriculum development of Career Technical Education (CTE), which prepares scholars for college and career readiness as they successfully transition into the 21st century. As the new Vice President of Education for TDC, Marcella will combine her métier of leadership and executive skills, to support, and develop a cadre of leaders and specialists committed to working together as a team. Marcella has New York State Permanent Certification with reciprocity for other states in the areas of, School Building Leader & Supervisor (SBL), School District Administrator (SDA), and School Administrator & Supervisor (SAS). 
Marcella earned her Educational Administration and Leadership Advanced Certification of Graduate Studies from the New York City Principal’s Leadership Academy, at Baruch College of the City University of New York, located in New York, New York. Marcella also earned her Master of Science in Education, at Mercy College, in Dobbs Ferry, New York, and her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, at Medgar Evers College of the City University of New York, located in Brooklyn, New York.