Doriga Alves

Vice President, Career Management Services

Doriga Alves has been serving the New York City underserved populations for nearly 10 years by providing career direction and guidance to individuals seeking assistance with defining their identity, mapping their career progression and establishing strategies of successfully balancing life and work. As a member of National Career Development Association, in pursuit of specialization, Doriga approaches career planning from a holistic model, where industry choice is just as important as spiritual perspective.

With career experience spanning work in the United States Army to that with various New York City Workforce Vendors, Doriga has always been in service to others.  She commends the military for noticing her leadership skills which she brought back to the civilian world to hone.  While earning her Bachelor of Science in the multi-disciplines of Business, Behavioral Science and English from New York Institute of Technology, Doriga also served all four years in leadership roles from Student Government President to Peer Mentor.

Originally aspiring for a career in human resources Doriga saw a need for helping others in their life and career advancement.  Her inclination towards working in service made the transition to specializing in workforce development and career management seamless. Helping individuals and teams set goals, assess resources, adjust perspectives and develop tools to stay the course towards success gives her great joy.  Working with Transportation Diversity Council as Vice President of Career Management is a tremendous opportunity for Doriga as she believes that diversity in the workplace is the greatest asset to a firm; for individuals with unique experience and perspectives fosters innovation and pushes each other to optimal performance. Doriga’s mainstay: All things that have meaning [to you] must be dealt with purpose and intention, managed in all its aspects.