TDC accentuates its mission and vision by enabling and enhancing corporate membership access to opportunities in the transportation and construction industry. There are three avenues to achieve this:

1 – Business to Business Opportunities

Business enterprises understand and appreciate the benefits of professional interaction between corporations that belong to a trade organization. TDC will enhance such interaction between corporate members to enable them benefit from each other’s strengths, specialties and business opportunities. Regular interaction is forged through the sharing of information, participation in seminars and conferences, joint venture pursuit of projects and sharing of resources.

2 – Business to Agency Opportunities

TDC ensures that corporate members have full access to the business opportunities available at Agencies and Departments across the nation. TDC achieves this through regular and comprehensive publishing of Agency opportunities, e-mail notification to corporate members regarding these opportunities, and periodic seminars to review and discuss Agency procurement procedures.

3 – Joint Venture Structuring Sessions

TDC encourages and facilitates joint venture partnerships between corporate members, whereby the businesses can utilize their combined strengths and specialties to win and execute a given project. TDC conducts seminars on joint venture structuring, and can also provide guidance on a specific project basis.

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